create “the NEW you”

…who is absolutely clear about goals
…who isn’t trapped by procrastination 
…who is confident about decision making
…who is courageous enough to confront fear
…who isn’t affected by toxic emotions, such as anger, guilt, sadness, etc,

This is a simple headline

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Journey of Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Take your first step NOW

Learn the 3 Secrets to Create a life that you always wanted

Why choose me as your friend and coach?

Authenticity that’s conspicuous needs no proof and my life is one such example. A person who…
…had no degrees, reached senior positions in Fortune 100 companies and level in corporate houses.
…faced embarrassment, became a renowned personality.
…was penniless, now enjoys life of his dreams.
…was aimless, now is a coach to innumerable people, helping them reach their aim.
It doesn’t seems conceivable but it’s true. You too can change your life, the way I did. I can understand, what you are going through. 

I’m there with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 LCHF? Isn’t it like the KETO diet?

KETO, although a popular diet, is an extreme medical diet and is not for everyone. LCHF, on the other hand, emphasizes on lowering & switching to healthy & slow (low GL) carb intake and compensating that with healthier fat and increasing “moderate” intake of protein.

Moreover, keto diet may not provide access to food & ingredient options suitable for “Indian palate”, especially when the person is a vegetarian.
LCHF program is specifically designed for Indian (vegetarian, Vegan or non-vegetarian) keeping in mind the cultural and regional sensitivities as well as personal health goals.

Q.2 I have always been unable to follow diets? How will this be different?

Acceptance is the first step towards course correction. We are glad that this question crossed your mind. Knowledge is the tool for triggering useful behavior. I equip you with knowledge & awareness and motivate you to progress on a daily basis. Moreover, being part of a group with a common goal towards fitness keeps you motivated.

Q.3 What exactly do I get in this program?

First and foremost, you get to unlearn, various food related myths. And how, with right knowledge of your own body physiology, and knowledge on how your food choices impact your hormonal health. Second, you get to learn from one of the best LCHF coaches in India on how the LCHF way of eating lifestyle works. Every session is designed to equip you to become your own nutritionist, forever.

Q.4 I have chronic conditions like diabetes/ high BP/ fatty liver, etc. Do I need a medical diet?

The program requires you to fill in your medical details and enquires about your health and fitness goals before it begins. Moreover, all key health markers are tracked during the course of the program for maximum efficacy.

For chronic issues, you need to stay in close association with your doctor. I teach you to be a smart & educated patient, and the language in which you should converse with your doctor. Be an aware patient. Don’t just leave everything to the doctor.

Q.5 My question isn't answered here. What do I do ?

For any queries, contact me at 98xxxxx and my team will get back to you within 24hrs