Get A Job/Role You Desire, Double Your Salary

By Mastering The 5 Simple Steps

Career Success Bootcamp

Start Date: September 20, 2021 8:00 PM
End Date: September 24, 2021 9:00 PM

LIVE Sessions, Everyday

Duration: 1 Hour Everyday 
(Recording available, in case you miss any session)

Energy Exchange Rs. 497/- for first 50 registrations, after that it will be Rs. 899/-

Total Bonuses worth Rs. 4096/- Absolutely FREE

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Who Is It For

Professionals Aspiring To Move Up The Ladder

Those who want to move up the Career Ladder by getting into a new job, getting a raise or promotion.

Professionals Aspiring For Career Transition

Those who are working in a job that feels unsustainable or toxic and want a career they love and meaningful to them. 

Professionals Who Are Jobless and Hunting For Job

Those who have good amount of experience but lost their job due to COVID or any other reason, and are trying hard to get back to a job.

Mid Management Professionals ♦ Aspiring Managers ♦ Team Leads ♦ Associate Managers ♦ Hustlers  

Why You Should Go For It!!

Do you think you are Underpaid, and doing a great job for a SMALL salary?

 Do you feel stuck, unhappy, or unfulfilled in your current job or career? 

  Are you not sure which direction you want to go in?

  Do you want to know how to go about securing the position or career of your dreams?

   Have you lost your job during the Pandemic?

Discover in 5 Days how to SKY ROCKET your Career which simply means:

♦   Get the Job/Role you Desire

♦   Double your Salary

♦   Climb the ladder in Half the time

♦   Create a Personal Brand to stand out from the competition

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What You Will Learn In These 5 Days

Day 1

Set Big, Audacious Goals and create an ACTION PLAN towards accomplishing your Goals 

Day 2

Learn 3 Building Blocks and hacks to GROW faster in any organization and negotiate for a HIGHER SALARY 

Day 3

How to improve the required Soft Skills and Personal Development Skills to make yourself a VALUABLE EMPLOYEE that no organization would like to lose.    

Day 4

How to STAND OUT and beat the competition by establishing your Personal Brand.

Day 5

Craft your personalized roadmap for a BIG SALARY HIKE and PROMOTION to SKY ROCKET your career.

And you get 4 AMAZING Bonuses when you sign up

A Masterclass

On How To Transition To A New Career worth Rs. 1999/- 

This masterclass will help you Strategize transition to a new career Identify how to shift due to current and future economic and industry changes.

Total Bonuses worth Rs. 4096/- Absolutely FREE

Energy Exchange Rs. 497/- for first 50 registrations, after that it will be Rs. 899/-

Know Your Coach – Nishant Shukla

After conquering negativities and various downfalls in my own career, I am here with a system to help you take a Giant Leap in your career . I was just 12th pass, had no professional qualification, aimless, penniless, faced failure, embarrassment, rejections and what not. But reached senior positions in Fortune 100 companies and CXO level in the corporate houses. Because I understood the method of solving my issues.
The trickiest of mathematical problems also get sorted by using a formula. Because formula never goes wrong. Likewise, life related questions too can be solved applying a systematic approach which only an expert coach can teach. Join me to know how 26 years of experience in corporate sector and proven faith of more than 12,000 people in 20 countries can help you get career growth and success.

I crafted my Career, the way I wanted it to be. You too can craft yours. 

I’m there with you.

Career & Professional Development Coach ♦ NLP Practitioner ♦ Emotional Intelligence Coach ♦ Mind Mastery Coach ♦ Certified Leadership & Executive Coach

12,000+ Professionals ♦ 800+ Programs ♦ 20+ Countries 


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