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For the seeker of personal development and self-transformation so they can take the charge of their life:

Do you feel stuck in your life or you think you are not growing professionally or personally?
Do you feel that you have a lot of potential but it is blocked and you are unable to utilize it? 
And all the knowledge you have is not translating into the success you deserve, and you feel dissatisfied?

Most of the people keep on sitting on the fence because they fear committing to something or fear of making a wrong decision.

And they sit there forever waiting for situation to become right or waiting for the right opportunity. 
They start to believe that certain people got success because situations were favorable and they had all the resources.
Well, I believe that all you need is to walk on the path of self-development you will be surprised that you already have that potential and capabilities, you just need to unlock them.

You are about to discover your unlimited potential.

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About Masterclass

A healthy and consistent morning routine is the fastest route to Business Growth/Career Growth because Your Financial and Business/Career Goals are deeply connected to your Personal Growth.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

Why people don’t get desired results despite setting goals and working hard.

✔ 3 Secrets of ICML System that will help you in Career or Business.

✔ You don’t need Rocket Science to get SUCCESS, all you need is few small steps.

✔ How to UNSTUCK your GROWTH

Mediocre people just set GOALS and they think hard work will get them there. Winners set goals and create SYSTEM to achieve those goals.

What People Say?

Hello Nishant Shukla,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance. In very few days, I have achieved what I was struggling to do it. Now, I become more proactive, know my priorities and working towards my goals.
Keep teaching and supporting.”

Sanjay Kumar Vermaa

Hi Nishant, I would like thank you and acknowledge that your sessions are very encouraging for me and I am sure for all of us.
It is helping me to take steps towards areas that I never thought I would go towards.
These sessions are enabling me to break down self-imposed beliefs and barriers, thereby planning action chart.
It’s only the beginning of the next steps but they seem the natural ones.”👍

Thank you once again!

Tanesh Arora

The longest journey starts with a single step.
It is important to take this step in the right direction and in the right way.

Thank You Nishant to introduce this framework and make us a part of this wonderful journey. This program has the perfect balance of energy, calmness, self-awareness, learning, enjoyment and laughter. Just in 2 weeks time I have started to get amazing results.

Thank you Nishant for designing this program and wishing you good luck.

Arun Lal

The program is structured very well, very good mix a bit of exercise, meditation, reflection, laughter therapy. This is one thing that I really look forward when I wake up in the morning.”

Veeresh Erched

I want to thank you for starting this program. Because of it and exercises that are part of it I am able to start my day with lot of positivity. It is helping me to work on my limited beliefs and my overall mindset. I already see a positive shift happening. I look forward to your session every morning.

Rajesh Nawagekar

Nishant managed me and my team directly in HT Media Ltd. It was my first year of corporate life. His trainings on daily basis were so motivating that even after leaving the organization, I started taking sessions with him personally. Few qualities about Nishant which I know,
He is a go-getter. His attitude towards life is near about perfection. His trainings and guidance can lead anyone to eternal success. His sessions on sales, attitude and life are purely result oriented.
Just highlighting one point here, that after meeting Nishant in 2018, I have managed to jump a hike of 400%. Thankyou Nishant for helping my potential to shine out.”

Tawfeeq Bashir

This Program is for you, If you are…

ICML system, that I followed is very simple. You can use that to:

Success Stories

Rajesh Nawagekar

I met Nishant when i was going through turmoil in my life in Feb 2020, specifically i had failed in my entrepreneurship venture and i was badly in need of job. I had bad experience with an earlier coach and i was very skeptical about going for coaching. But when i had first conversation with Nishant, i instinctively decided i want him to be my coach and registered. In March the pandemic/lockdown started and things became difficult for me as all companies went on hiring freeze. But Nishant was always there for me, he guided me to look at the positive side of the events. 

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He guided me to take this opportunity to work on my limited beliefs, mindset and that really helped me to face the difficult time calmly. Whenever i faced any roadblock he was there for me to guide. I called him late nights, early morning, he was always there to listen to me and guide. He was always there like a compass helping my ship sail through the storm. He guided me how to create an impactful CV, how to approach companies and face interviews. He constantly pushed me even though the external events were not favorable. He made me believe in myself and believe in process of life. After September 2020 i started getting calls for interviews. As per need of each role, Nishant guided me what skillsets i have to highlight etc. With lot of interviews and cracking tough interview rounds with Nishant’s guidance i got a job in BIG 4 company in the world, which is where i wanted to join with a decent pay. Nishant made me go beyond my limitations and achieve which i felt was impossible with the circumstances that prevailed outside and in my personal life. He is truly a coach to have. I feel i am in better position that after having coaches in past and not getting results from them to strongly recommend that if you are looking for a guiding star for your life, career or business, Nishant is the coach you should go for.

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Your Financial and Business Goals are deeply connected to your Personal Growth.

So don’t just sit on the fence.

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